Wish List Wednesday

Wish List Wednesday: Kennedy and Carlan

Wish List Wednesday is brought to you by Pen to Paper.

For this weekly meme I’ll be discussing with you 1 or 2 books that are currently on my wish list.

This week I’ll be talking about The Deal (Off Campus Series #1) by Elle Kennedy and Body by Audrey Carlan.


I’ve seen A LOT of my blogger friends talking about the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy and its been getting me more and more interested. So I’ve finally caved and added the whole series to my wish list. I’m sure they will actually be on my TBR very, very soon. I mean really, how can I resist with a cover like that?! Plus, if the story is as good as I’m hearing it is, I’m sure I’ll fly right through the book. One on my blogger friends said she was actually putting off reading the 4th and final book of the series because she’s already having separation anxiety about it being over. Now that’s the kind of book I want to read!


Of course I’ve heard about Audrey Carlan’s books before. I’ve read 10 out of 12 books from her Calendar Girl series and it is amazing. So I’ll be expecting the same from this series. The cover says it’s a trilogy because currently it is, but I just found out a couple days ago that in 2017 there will be 2 more releases in the Trinity Series! I’m super excited about that. So this series is currently on my wish list, but will be moving to my TBR fairly soon. All of Audrey Carlan’s books/ series are on my wish list because she is an amazing writer. If you haven’t read anything by her, you totally should!

Ok followers, I know many of you have read the Off-Campus series so post your love below so I can’t resist the temptation to go ahead and start this series.

Also, do you think you will add any of Audrey Carlan’s books to you TBR or wish list?


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