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Tremble by Addison Moore



(Celestra Series book 2)

By Addison Moore

PBT Review #12

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I would compare this to watching a train wreck and not being able to peel your eyes away. It’s horrible and great all at the same time. 

The book wasn’t a bad read. As you can see I gave it 4 stars, but most of it was just ok for me. The only thing that saved this book was the last 50 pages or so. 

This whole book is about Skyla, Gage, and Logan inacting the stupid plan I talked about from the end of Ethereal. Exactly as I expected it’s a horrible idea. Plus these kids have the worst luck, which doesn’t help. 

I 100% have a soft spot for Gage and I’m not exactly sure why. But it is what it is. Logan on the other hand… I’m a little (ok a lot) weary of him. But thankfully, we did get a little bit more insight about him. Which was one of the best parts of the books. Even though it didn’t last very long in the book, it still is something that stuck out.

Some parts of the book had me laughing it was so off the wall and plain out ridiculous. Then other parts of the book were serious and had my mind reeling with the twists that Addison Moore threw in there. I got so worried about some of the characters in the story in certain points of the book–it was intense.

I definitely feel like no progress was made in this book. Which sucks because I like at least SOME forward motion in a book. Skyla is just so stuck- I hope she can move forward in the next book. 

Skyla is the main cause of my frustrations. Just like any teenager, she makes a ton of questionable decisions. The best way to explain this without spoilers is to paint this picture for you. Skyla is standing at a fork in the road– she looks ahead and to the right she sees everything that is good for her, then looks left and sees everything that’s bad for her. She starts walking right and mingles down that path for a little while. Then changes her mind and cuts across to the path to the left. She mingles on that path and realizes it’s not really good for her and runs back to the right side. And she does this back and forth motion throughout the whole book. Quite literally she’s playing mind games (with me and others). That’s a big reason why I feel no progression in this book. 

She’s also extremely stuck on trying to change the past. No matter what “special” powers someone has, there’s nothing that can be done to change it. But Skyla tries anyways and what do you know, she makes things worse. To add to it she tries to change the past a couple more times after that and progressively makes things in her present life worse. The sad thing is she’s not scared to take (multiple) people down with her and put others at risk. Maybe scared isn’t the right word. I feel like Skyla genuinely cares about these people, but her wants and needs come first. Skyla is the epitome of selfishness (especially in this book)

Like I said earlier the train wreck/ teen soap opera and the self-destructive nature of the characters in this book make it a page turner. I read it in like 2 days. So as ridiculous as it sounds, it’s still a good read. 

If it weren’t for the constant unrequited love aspect of the book, it probably would have been a DNF for me. Well, probably not. I would have suffered through it just to get to the next book in hopes it’ll make up for what this one lacked. The series has so many books, there has to be more to come in the rest of the books. 

That being said I do expect a whole lot more from the next novel. 

The next book in the series is Burn


Thank You and Stay Tuned!



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