5 Things on Sunday

5 Things on Sunday: Favorite Desserts


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This weeks topic is:

Favorite Desserts

I want to start this by saying I’m not a really big sweets person. I hardly even eat desserts or candy. But when I do, these are for sure my go to’s.


My all time favorite no doubts about it. But it has to be the peanut butter cookies with no peanuts in it. I don’t like the nuts. Great American Cookies has the best peanut butter cookies. Buy me these and I’ll seriously love you forever! LOL





When I get ice cream, this is typically what I go for. Chocolate Cookie Dough is so good! I love the cookie dough bites the best! And if you’ve never had this in a milkshake, you are surely missing out!





You can never go wrong with a good brownie. Again, I don’t like the brownies with the nuts in it. I really like the fudge brownies or the brownies with peanut butter in them. YUMMY!



To be honest, I’m a little picky about my Red Velvet cake. But that’s just because my Granny makes the best red velvet cake from scratch and its amazing! I have had a few others that I’ve found are pretty good though.



When I can’t have my Granny’s Red Velvet cake, this is always my second choice. I’m not really big on cakes. So unless its chocolate cake with chocolate icing, I would probably have to pass on it. So for my birthday I alway ask for a Triple Chocolate Cake. The chocolate drizzle is just a little something extra. 🙂 



What are you favorite desserts? Are any of ours the same? Let me know!



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