Pre-order Book Blabber

Pre-Order Book Blabber

Welcome back to another week of Pre-order Book Blabber.

This week I’ll be sharing with you The Scent of Salt & Sand by Kristin Cast

Scent of Salt

In Amber Smoke and Scarlet Rain, acclaimed bestselling author Kristin Cast built a world in which the walls that separate Tartarus from the mortal realm have been breached, releasing every variety of evil into the world. In this novella, she sends her fans on a separate journey, one that will meet up with the rest of The Escaped series as it continues on its spellbinding journey.
The Sirens aren t evil by nature. Their song lures men in, and only by trying to procreate and continue their species do they reveal their true, monstrous nature. When some Sirens escape to the mortal realm, they hide out in San Francisco, blending in as best as they can. They are on a mission: to find the ideal partner to mate with.
Melody is on the hunt, and when she meets Dean, she sees a target who will allow her to fulfill her purpose. What she doesn t count on is falling in love a love that could destroy them both.
The romance and the tension heat up as Kristin and P.C. Cast, co-authors of the House of Night series, bring in the characters from The Escaped to this new story, raising the stakes for the mortal realm to a fever pitch. (Blurb from Goodreads)

The Scent of Salt & Sand is book # 2.5 in The Escaped series. The first (Amber Smoke) and second (Scarlet Rain) books were absolutely amazing! I bought them both as soon as they came out and I’ve been patiently waiting for book #3. Then I heard about this little novella for the series and I was so excited to have something releasing (October 11) that could hold me over until the third book is published! To be completely honest with you, I’ve already added this to my tentative October TBR. 🙂

I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. If you haven’t read Amber Smoke and Scarlet Rain yet, what are you waiting on? You sure are missing out! So go pick up these books from your local bookstore or order it on your kindle or whatever it is that you do to read books ASAP! You won’t be disappointed and you’ll be ready when this novella comes out. 

After reading these, hopefully you’ll be as excited about The Escaped book 3 to be released as I am!!

Have you read this series? What did you think about them? If you haven’t, would you be willing to give them a try? Let me know your thoughts!

 xoxoPayton’s Book Thoughts

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