New Author Thursdays

New Author Thursday: Bella Forrest

Since I’m new to this wonderful world of book blogging, I’ve been hearing about a ton of authors that I’ve never heard of before. So I decided to start this weekly meme about authors that aren’t necessarily brand new authors, but new to me.

This week I want to talk to you about Bella Forrest



Unfortunately, everything I can find about Bella Forrest is strictly pertaining to her books and nothing about her. Apparently, she likes to keep her private life extremely private which is completely understandable. This is pretty much the only picture I could find of her. So all that means is there won’t be a Goodreads blurb about her right here and I’ll be able to dive right in to talking about the books! (Here’s her Goodreads link anyways)




I actually heard about Bella Forrest and her A Shade of Vampire series straight from Amazon. They kept promoting book #1 being only $0.99. So of course, how could I resist. I figured a book that cheap would be worth the try because if I didn’t like it I would have only lost out on $1. If you follow my blog, you know how it turned out because I loved the first book and it was actually my first book review post on here! (A Shade of Vampire #1 Review) With that being said, you may be thinking “If you’ve done a book review of her first book, she isn’t really a new author and therefore I shouldn’t be doing my post on her”. Well I figured I could make an exception for this one because I have only read 1 out of 40 (or more) of her books. I still haven’t read book 2 (A Shade of Blood) of this series because I’ve been trying to spread the love to some of my other authors/series/books.

I want to take the time to mention how much I like the setup of this series. Forrest has split these books into different seasons. How clever is that? I absolutely love it! So now I’ll be posting her whole series because I can’t just show you 1 book or 1 series. It just wouldn’t do her any justice!

Season 1: Derek and Sofia’s story (books 1-7)

Book 1: A Shade of Vampire

Book 2: A Shade of Blood

Book 3: A Castle of Sand

Book 4: A Shadow of Light

Book 5: A Blaze of Sun

Book 6: A Gate of Night

Book 7: A Break of Day

Season 2: Rose and Caleb’s story (books 8-16)

Book 8: A Shade of Novak

Book 9: A Bond of Blood

Book 10: A Spell of Time

Book 11: A Chase of Prey

Book 12: A Shade of Doubt

Book 13: A Turn of Tides

Book 14: A Dawn of Strength

Book 15: A Fall of Secrets

Book 16: An End of Night

Season 3:The Shade continues with a new hero… (books 17-24)

Book 17: A Wind of Change

Book 18: A Trail of Echoes

Book 19: A Soldier of Shadows

Book 20: A Hero of Realms

Book 21: A Vial of Life

Book 22: A Fork of Paths

Book 23: A Flight of Souls

Book 24: A Bridge of Stars

Season 4A Clan of Novaks (books 25-32)

Book 25: A Clan of Novaks

Book 26: A World of New

Book 27: A Web of Lies

Book 28: A Touch of Truth

Book 29: An Hour of Need

Book 30: A Game of Risk

Book 31: A Twist of Fates

Book 32: A Day of Glory

Season 5A Dawn of Guardians (books 33+)


Book 33: A Dawn of Guardians (releasing 09/14/16 Pre-order you copy here!)

You can also check out her other series


A Shade of Dragon #1A Shade of Dragon #2A Shade of Dragon #3


A Shade of Kiev #1A Shade of Kiev #2A Shade of Kiev #3


Beautiful Monster #1 and Beautiful Monster #2


The Gender Game (releasing 09/24/16 Pre-order your copy here!)


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