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Forty Four Book 3 by Jools Sinclair


Forty Four

(44 Series Book 3)

By Jools Sinclair

PBT Review #9

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My Overall Thoughts

Sinclair does a really great job of recapping what has happened in other books without making it seem like a summary. Which is really nice because I tend to read these books really far apart from each other, so the refresher helps a lot. The whole book Abby was in an extremely weird and unsettling situation. In fact, I found some parts of the book a little hard to believe. But in spite of that, the story line completely reeled me in. It was a short (197 pages) and good read– just like all the others I finished reading it in 2 days. I like reading these books in between really long ones. These books you definitely have to read in order or you will not understand a darn thing thats going on. So don’t hesitate to pick up this book for quick read! I know the Kindle edition on Amazon is super cheap (like $3).


I’m going to start this section by talking about Jesse because he has honestly been my favorite part of the series since book 1. I was so excited when Jesse showed back up in the story and in a more permanent way, but I’m still trying to figure him out. I feel like there’s something he is keeping from Abby, but I’m not sure why. I seriously loved the role that Jesse played in this book. I wasn’t expecting it, but it makes total sense and I don’t think the book would have been as good had he not played the role he did. Sinclair did an amazing job with that!

I can’t write a review about this book without talking about Nathaniel! He is a very crucial part of the story. It was nice to finally get a little insight into who Nathaniel is what makes him HIM. The more you learn about him you can’t help but feel a little bit bad from him— despite everything he has done. I also have to praise Sinclair for the way she made Nathaniel seem more like a human by pointing out the similarities between him and Abby. It’s very different that how he is portrayed in all the other books. I also feel like it’s a little weird that I find what Nathaniel is doing completely intriguing. I understand why it’s horrible and I’m glad I’m not in the position because I think I would be a little more willing to help than Abby is.

“The killer sitting opposite me wasn’t just a monster anymore, a cut out caricature. He was someone who had once been touched by love. And destroyed by it.”

I also really liked the cliffhanger she left. It leaves you wondering if there will be another book or not because the way it ends, it could end for good but there’s also the possibility there for another book. Luckily for me, I reading the series after all 13 books have been published. So I already know there’s another book. (plus a couple more 🙂 )


Unfortunately, most of the cons in this book fall on Abby. She’s  just portrayed completely different than all the other books and it’s not for the better in my opinion. Not that I blame her (given the situation she is in), Abby is extremely impulsive and careless in my opinion. She takes chances with her life on plans that are not very well thought out and put her at risk. Then the whole book, we see Abby fighting for her life (her escape), but when it matters most she just gives up and is completely complacent in the end. It just didn’t make any sense.

I wish I could go into a little bit more detail, but it’s not going to be possible given my Spoiler Free Policy. I was not expecting the end events. It just seemed so final and that’s why I say the series could end there. But I’m sure Abby is going to have many more demons to fightold and new.

Next Book

In the next book, I would really like to see Abby flourish some because she hasn’t really had the chance to do that since her accident. She’s been constantly looking over her shoulder. Honestly, she deserves a little peace and stability but that wouldn’t make a fun book now would it? LOL 

I’m sure her demons will find a way to resurface. 

I have left just enough of the details out to make you want to fill in the missing pieces? Let me know! I hope I have piqued your interest!

The next book in the series is Forty Four book 4


Thank You and Stay Tuned!



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