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Enchanted Guardian by Sharon Ashwood (eARC)


Enchanted Guardian

(Camelot Reborn #2)

Sharon Ashwood

PBT Review #8

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My Overall Thoughts

I just want to start by reminding everyone that Sharon Ashwood reached out to me and asked if I would review both of her novels in the Camelot Reborn series (Enchanted Guardian in particular). I was given this book for free in exchange for my completely honest review.

So let’s get to the reviewing! As you can see, I gave Enchanted Guardian 5 out of 5 stars and it deserves every single one of them! The second book in the series was WAY better than the first (by far). This one had me interested from the very, very beginning! Just like the first book, it was told in 2 points of view. However, I was expecting to be reading about Tamsin and Gawain again. To my surprise (and a very welcome one at that), it was told through the eyes of Nimueh and Sir Lancelot! I really, really enjoy the change in perspective and it was a very clever move in my opinion. I don’t think the book would have had the same effect had it been told by Tamsin and Gawain. 

To go into a little bit more detail, I was not crazy about the time jump between chapters 1 and 2. This is because I didn’t get to read Sir Lancelot be reunited with King Arthur and Gawain. I was really looking forward to that, but it didn’t deter me in the slightest. I also found it extremely amusing that I didn’t see any fault in these “battles” taking place in modern times, even though it was completely unrealistic. During every single one of these battle scenes, I found myself holding me breath until the events unfolded. To say the least, I was completely engrossed in the storyline of this book. However, there was a very unexpected turn of events that really  broke my heart (for a second or two). 😉

Thank the book Gods above (and Sharon Ashwood of course) because this book actually has a happy ending! I ended the book with the biggest grin on my face. It was amazing!


“It’s time for Camelot to rise”

Ashwood does an amazing job of making readers feel sympathy for Nimueh for many reasons. In the previous book Nimueh was one of the enemies (villains) and the fact that Ashwood was still able to make us feel sorry for her should speak millions to how great of an author she is. The main reason for the sympathy is because Nimueh (and all the other fae) are incapable of having feelings. Throughout the book I had trouble believing the Nimueh’s claims of having no emotions was true. I just saw something else going on behind that.

Lancelot’s character was very surprising to me because he is a Knight of the Round Table and yet, readers see a lot of resistance towards King Arthur even though Lancelot serves the King. It was just very interesting. It’s very swoon-worthy the things that Lancelot does and will do for Nimueh. That kind of unconditional love is truly wonderful to read about.

If you read my review of Enchanted Warrior, you would know that I was slightly disappointed by how King Arthur was portrayed in the story. However, in Enchanted Guardian readers got to see a teeny tiny glimpse of the Arthur I was expecting (who he truly is). That was such a relief, but it isn’t until the end we get to see this.

While reading this book, the whole time I kept thinking to myself that LaFaye is the perfect villain in every sense of the word. I’m not sure that I’ve ever read about a villain that is written so perfectly. Sharon Ashwood definitely exceeded my expectations when it came to LaFaye. In my opinion, if you hate a character that is supposed to be a villain with a passion and you simply cannot believe the things they are capable of doing… Well the author has done one heck of a job in portraying that villain. 

Sharon Ashwood deserves so much praise of this book. I definitely hope to see another installment in this series. I even have some ideas of what could come next!


To be completely honest, I didn’t find very many cons in this book. There were a few very minor things here and there, but that’s just so I would have something to talk about.

First off, the characters in this story are some of the most stubborn characters I have ever met (read about.. you know what I mean). They can be downright frustrating at times, but it really does make them who they are. Another things that was so frustrating was that Nimueh constantly refers to herself as an emotionless ghost, in fact she brings it up every chance she gets. It’s almost like she believes it just because she’s told it is so. I seriously wanted to give her a good slap to the face a couple times. 🙂

I was also extremely confused by some of King Arthur’s actions, but what else is new. As I mentioned earlier, we got a glimpse of the King Arthur that is expected and then on the other hand you get the complete opposite. For example, this quote explains the King Arthur we have in this book.

“You’re the well honed blade I draw when necessary. Weapons don’t make strategy”

-King Arthur speaking to Sir Lancelot (his best friend)

This was downright disappointing when I read this. But it’s honestly something you come to expect of the King.

Next Book

In the next book I would really, really like to see it told from 2 POVs again. But this time I think it would be awesome to see it told through King Arthur and Merlin’s eyes. Possibly see them working towards rekindling their friendship and coming back from the complete mistrust they have of each other. It’s just an idea, but who knows! Maybe Sharon Ashwood will see this and think its a wonderful idea.

After reading my review of both Enchanted Warrior and Enchanted Guardian do you think you will give this series a try? Do you think there should be a 3rd book if you’ve already read the series? Let me know your thoughts!

Thank You and Stay Tuned!




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