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October by Audrey Carlan



(Calendar Girl Series #10)

By Audrey Carlan

PBT Review #7

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My Overall Thoughts

I’m sitting down to write this book review literally 10 minutes after finishing the book and I just want to say I don’t know how I feel about this one. It’s the 10th book in the series and January-September were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I could rave about each and every one of them forever, but then I got to this one… And I’m at a loss. I’m kind of a little sad that this is my first book review that my readers will see from this series because it will do the other books no justice. In writing this review, I’m hoping I can get across how amazing the other books are and to not let October deter you from reading the series.

October is in no way a horrible read. I just think my expectations may have been a little high because of the emotional rollercoaster I was on while reading both August and September.  These two books in the serious were so emotionally draining that I actually had to mentally prepare myself to read October and it just wasn’t what I was expecting.

I wish I could go back and write reviews for every book in the series from January to September, so I could share the journey with you and you could understand where my heart was going into this book. 


Reading this series has been a journey and I have grown attached to almost every character. This attachment I have is on another level. Honestly, while reading these books I actually feel like I’m apart of their little makeshift family. I think that Audrey Carlan being able to pull that kind of feeling out is truly amazing.

I have to mention the sex scenes in all of these books are INTENSE and I don’t even think that word describes them well enough. If you need some help getting aroused, just read a sex scene from any one of these books and you will not be disappointed. The reason I feel like I need to bring up the sex scenes is because that’s how this series was marketed. When I first ran across this series it was with the headline “The Next Fifty Shades of Grey”. Well, to be honest, I didn’t like Fifty Shades of Grey and would never compare this series to that one because it is SO MUCH BETTER!

Another aspect of this book that I really liked is that readers got to see the mature side of Mia and how strong of a woman she is. Much stronger than me, in fact, because of how she is able to help Wes through his time of need. We’ve been watching Mia grow into this person and its been a journey, to say the least.

There were a few times in the book where I literally wanted to break out in tears because of the pain Wes was experiencing. It was just so sad to read about because of the attachment I have to his character. But this is where you can see Mia flourish and show just how much of an amazing woman she really is!


To me, this book is very puzzling and I think that’s why I can’t get a sense of how I feel about the book. The very beginning of the book was frustrating for me because I couldn’t figure out how any of it was relevant to what was happening in the story so far (and I still don’t know how it was relevant). After that, it got back into the flow of the storyline and I struggled with the changes in Wes, not sure I can blame him or fully understand what he was going through. It was just hard to read what he was experiencing and how it was over flowing into his relationship with Mia.

Just because there’s no other way of putting it, this book was so different from all the other books in the series. At some points in the book, I wanted to cry because of how different things were. The sex scenes were different and gave off a different vibe, the relationship dynamic between Wes and Mia was different, the entire feeling of the book was different. I don’t know if that makes any sense or not, but there’s no better way to describe it. Honestly, you would just have to read the series yourself to fully understand what I’m trying to explain here.

Trust the journey. -Mia

While October was my least favorite book in the series, I would HIGHLY recommend giving this series a chance! So what do you think, would you try it out?

The next book in the series is November


Thank You and Stay Tuned!



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