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Enchanted Warrior by Sharon Ashwood (eARC)

Enchanted Warrior

Enchanted Warrior

(Camelot Reborn #1)

By Sharon Ashwood

PBT Review #6

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My Overall Thoughts

Sharon Ashwood reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing her novels Enchanted Warrior and Enchanted Guardian. Of course, I accepted and was so excited that an author reached out to me to review, not one but two of their novels. So I received these two books for free in exchange for my completely honest review. My review of Enchanted Warrior will be coming soon, so be on the lookout for that as well.

Now, overall, I was extremely impressed with the book. It was really actiony at times, which doesn’t make it a bad thing just different from what I normally read. This book definitely took me out of my comfort zone, which I really loved! The word choices in this book are also very well chosen. Even if action and books with a tie to Medieval times doesn’t seem interesting to you, I will still urge you to give this book a try. It’s way more than it seems and has a little bit of something for everyone! I really enjoyed this book and I’m definitely looking forward to reading the second book in the series!


I just have to start with saying THAT PROLOGUE THOUGH! OMG, was that thing amazing! It definitely drew me in and it made my expectations for the book skyrocket

I really enjoyed the underlying premise of the book. The idea of forbidden love with a lot of family drama thrown in is part of what kept me interested in the book during the slow parts. Tamsin and Gawain’s mistrust of each other is a major concept in this book. This mistrust stems from nothing other than Gawain’s background because he can only see Tamsin for what she is (instead of who she is). This is a huge frustration for me and its extremely sad, but I think it was necessary for the storyline.

I loved that Ashwood didn’t just stop at including witches in the book, but also included many other supernatural creatures as well (demons, gargoyles, fae, dragons, etc). It really made the story interesting for me. I also really, really loved the tie to Camelot and King Arthur because it made this book unlike anything I’ve ever read before.I really enjoy books that are told from multiple points of view and this one was set up that way (switching between Tamsin and Gawain).

One of the most admirable qualities that Gawain possesses is his undying loyalty to something (or someone) he has pledged himself to. Over the course of the book, you can slowly see Gawain’s loyalty shifting from one person to another even though he tries to fight it. It was amazing to see Gawain’s love force him to face the realities of who he really is. 

I know this seems silly and a little insignificant, but I really liked the names of the main characters– Tamsin and Gawain.

Best part of the book was watching (reading) Tamsin and Gawain’s relationship grow and blossom into something that is beautiful and envy provoking. It was such a relief to see Gawain finally open himself up completely to Tamsin.


The beginning of the book seemed like it was making no progress at all and the same things just kept happening over and over again. Like I mentioned in the Pros section of this review, the book is told in 2 points of view. The reason I’m bringing it up here is because I prefer when the chapters are told in different POVs and this one wasn’t like that. Instead, when the POV switched it would just start a new paragraph. So my mind would have to switch gears and realize who was talking.

Sometimes, things can get a little carried away in books. As I mentioned in the Pros section of this review, I really loved that supernatural creatures were included in the storyline. However, I think it was taken a little too far when zombies made their appearance. Luckily, they didn’t stick around very long because it was a major turn off. I just want to make it clear that my dislike of the zombies being included is not because I despise anything to do with zombies (I love The Walking Dead!!). I just felt like it wasn’t necessary.

Gawain’s inner struggle and stubbornness when it comes to Tamsin was extremely (!!) frustrating. I found myself telling him out loud how stupid he was and to just get over it (LOL). To top that off, he struggles to trust Tamsin who proves herself time and time again and then trusts his worst enemy for a split second that proves to be a bad decision. I mean, come one! You can’t be that stupid (GRR!!).

The ending was slightly confusing to the point I couldn’t really understand exactly what was happening until it was all over. That’s the only time I feel the articulation in the book was a bad thing. In this stretch of the book I’m talking it, in my opinion, it became a little too wordy for the amount of action that was happening. So it made it hard to follow.

Most disappointing part of the book was the fact that King Arthur was NOTHING like I was expecting. My mind set about how great King Arthur was and the way he was talked in the book had me expecting this great king. Once we meet him in the book, he seems like nothing they have described.

Yet how could he love someone who would be his downfall? – Gawain

So what do you think, would you give this book a try? Would you go outside of your comfort zone to read this?

The next book in this series is Enchanted Guardian


Thank You and Stay Tuned!



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