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Ethereal by Addison Moore



(Celestra Series book 1)

By Addison Moore

PBT Review #3

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My Overall Thoughts

I read this book for the first time in 2012 and I remember it being better than it was when I read it this time around. That does NOT mean it was a bad read by any means. I actually really did enjoy reading this and it only took me a couple of days to read it during a work week.I just found myself frustrated with some of the situations throughout this book that probably didn’t bother me as a teenager. With age comes a change of perspective and I definitely think that’s what happened here–I got to read the book through a new lens. 

Another aspect of the book I really liked is the love “situation” that takes place over the course of the story. No matter what the genre of the book is, throw in a good love “situation” undertone and I’m all for it. I’m a sucker for the unrequited love premise in a book, even though that’s not exactly what was going on here. But close enough for me and pretty much 100% of the time I join team under dog, so that gives me something to pull for. Plus it keeps me interested.


  • Frustration: Like I mentioned in my Overall Thoughts, throughout this book I found myself extremely frustrated. At first glance, this may seem like a downside but it’s actually a really, really good thing in my opinion. When a book can pull an emotion like this from you, how can you say that’s a bad thing? 
  • Major Premise: I really like the major premise of the book being about Angels and certain bloodlines being killed off. I’ve never really read a book that was quite like this one, so I didn’t have anything to compare it. For example, there are so many vampire books out there so you find yourself saying “yeah, vampires can only be killed with a stake to the heart in all the other books too”. I wasn’t able to do that with this one, so it was like I was learning everything there was to know about Angels and their different bloodlines for the first time.
  • Unanswered Questions: After finishing this book, I was still left with a lot of unanswered questions. The book didn’t exactly end with a cliffhanger, but I still found myself thinking “wait a second, I still don’t know why or how this happened”. It makes you interested to read the next book, just for the sake of getting the answer to questions that were left untold in this one. I think this was done appropriately because you know there has to be another book–which in this case there are 9. 


  • Relationship Dynamic: I was really disappointed by some of the relationship dynamic that took place in the story. I think the one that sticks out in my mind the most is between Skyla and her mother. I completely understand the “my parents are my worst enemy” teenage thought process, but this just goes to another level. Another is between Skyla’s mother and step-father, that’s just agonizing to read. Especially when it trickles down to affect Skyla and her mother. Then lastly, the relationship between Skyla and Gage is very unfair to put it into words that obey my Spoiler Free Policy.
  • Pace: The pace of the book could have been formatted a little bit better, in my opinion. It felt like some parts of the book were slow and then some parts were jumbled and took place to quickly. I just didn’t get the feeling that it evened out and flowed smoothly. Not that it was hard to follow or keep up with, I guess I just wanted some of the jumbled parts to have a little more detail.
  • Ending: The ending of this book is the MOST FRUSTRATING part of the book. The solution to the major problem that Skyla and Logan come up with at the end just left me thinking “Really? Y’all can’t possibly think that is going to work, do you?” Which in a sense is a good thing that it brought out that emotion in me, but at the same time I can’t help but think how naive the solution really is.


The Next book in the Celestra Series is Tremble

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Thank You and Stay Tuned!




2 thoughts on “Ethereal by Addison Moore

  1. This book does sound interesting! (And boy, is that cover gorgeous!) I’m glad you liked it; and I’d have to agree- being frustrated can sometimes be a good thing. Or it could not. It depends on the situation. XD


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