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Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard


Pretty Little Liars

(book 1)

By Sara Shepard

PBT Review #2

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My Overall Thoughts

I wasn’t going to do a book review for this when I finished reading it because the TV show is so popular, but I decided I would post one aways. But to be completely honest, a good portion of this book doesn’t follow the TV show exactly. In my opinion, even if you absolutely love the TV show (like I do), the books will still be worth the read because they are just different enough to make it feel like you’re not reading an exact copy of the TV show.



  • Story line: As I mentioned in My Overall Thoughts, the book doesn’t follow the TV show exactly, which is something I really, really like about the book. I actually like that things happen a little differently in the book than they do in the TV show and that you get things in a little bit more details. I found myself preferring the way certain events happened in the book over the way it was portrayed in the TV show  (I feel this sentence alone is the most important aspect of the review).
  • Books in the Series: If you read my last book review, you know I mentioned how much I like when a series has a lot of books in the series. So, of course, I had to put that as a pro for this one as well because, currently, there are 16 books in the series. From my understanding that is the final book. So it doesn’t drag on too long, but just long enough.
  • Ending: I also really like how this book ended for many reasons. One is because it’s a great cliffhanger that leaves you wanting to dive into the next book. The second reason is because it’s a monumental moment in the TV show. I think it’s very good that they left the same ending for the book and an episode of the TV Show.

” I’m still here, b*tches and I know everything. -A”



  • Comparisons: I feel obligated to mention the fact that it’s hard not to compare the book to the TV show. As you can see, I’ve already mentioned the TV show multiple times throughout this review. But I feel it is necessary when you have a TV show based off of a book series. 
  • Characters: I found myself extremely frustrated that how the characters look in the book aren’t how they look in the TV show. Given that I began watching the TV show before I knew about the books, I always picture in my head the characters from the show while reading. So when they say Hanna has black hair, it throws me off. It’s definitely something you can get past though. Another thing is that some of the characteristics that makes the characters themselves in the TV show, doesn’t stick in the book. For example, Emily being completely obsessed with swimming doesn’t come off the same way in the book and I feel like that’s vital to who Emily IS. That was just a basic example because of my Spoiler Free Policy, so of course there are more extreme examples.
  • Biased: I will admit that I’m a little biased in this review, just given the simple fact that I started watching the TV show first. I’m 100% positive had I read the books first, I would’ve felt the opposite. 

The next book in the Series is Flawless


Thank You and Stay Tuned!



3 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

  1. I have to agree with you on this book and its relationship to the show. I found most of the similarities for book one to be episode one and then from there it is like two different stories. It has been awhile since I have read in this series…I think I am up to book 5 and I have only watched season 1. I need to get back to both of them!

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    1. I’m completely caught up on the TV show because I love it so much! I need to get back to reading the books also. I’m glad I’m not the only one that think so. It seems like I should think of them as two different things even though they are supposed to be based on the same story. It’s just so hard! Lol


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